19 January 2010

Where On (Google) Earth #181

Posted by Jessica Ball

Looks like I get to host the next episode of Where On Google Earth! Wo(G)E #180 over at Clastic Detritus turned out to be a tricky rotated image of the Farasan Banks, a huge coral reef complex off the coasts of Saudi Arabia and Yemen in the Red Sea. I don’t know much about them beyond what I could dig up from a Jacques Cousteau quote:

“The wildest of all the reef complexes in the Red Sea … 350 miles long and thirty miles wide …. This demented masterpiece of outcrops, shoals, foaming reefs, and other lurking ship-breakers was created by societies of minute animals that have changed the aspect of our planet far more than man has yet been able to do.”

Anyone out there a coral reef expert? At any rate, I’m sure you’re all waiting for the next challenge. Here it is:

Click to zoom. No altitude or direction on this one, but hopefully there are enough clues for you to track it down. To win the round, you need to post the correct latitude and longitude in the comments below, along with a little commentary about what geological feature you’re looking at. The winner gets to host the next round, or choose the location and ask someone else to host it if they’re not a blogger.
To give any newcomers a head start on this one, I’ll invoke the Schott Rule– you have to wait one hour after the post time to answer for each WoGE round you’ve one in the past. Good luck!
PS – If you want to see where Wo(G)E has gone in the past (and who’s won it), take a look at Ron Schott’s compilation in KMZ format!