23 May 2009

Conference travel again – Toronto AGU

Posted by Jessica Ball

I’m off to AGU’s Joint Assembly in Toronto this weekend, which should be fun – despite having been in Buffalo for a while now, I haven’t been to Toronto yet (or to an AGU meeting, for that matter). I’m looking forward to getting to watch some sessions specifically on volcanology, instead of skipping around to talks that look like they might have some vague relationship to the field. (This has happened quite a bit at the meetings I’ve been to so far – then again, I haven’t been to an IAVCEI conference yet either, where it’s all volcanoes.)

I’m thinking about live-blogging it, but I’ll at least try to do some summaries at the end of each day if I don’t get around to on-the-spot reporting.

Babbling aside, if anyone is planning on being at the Toronto AGU, give me a heads-up. I’m going to be there Sunday – Wednesday, and perhaps we can organize a meetup somewhere with the appropriate refreshing beverages, eh?