5 November 2008


Posted by Jessica Ball

Now I feel better about life. (And yes, I’m breaking my “one election post” promise. It’s worth it.)

I’m jazzed that this year, my vote did have a real effect – Virginia voted Democratic instead of Republican for the first time in forty years. At one point, the difference between the candidates was sixteen votes. SIXTEEN. That’s just crazy, and it’s especially crazy how long it took to call Virginia.

It’s really wonderful when you actually have the feeling that you’re an important part of a democracy, and what you think and do has an effect. It’s a feeling I’ve only ever had when I was much younger and learning about how our government works, when everything was new and exciting. I’m so glad I was able to participate in a process like this, because so many people around the world can’t.

I’m excited about the next few years now, instead of resigned, and the chance that I won’t have to feel embarrassed by my country for a while makes me really happy.

I’m quite tired from staying up late, but glad I did; it’s not often that I get to experience a positive turning point in this country’s history. And, perhaps not most important overall, but the icing on the cake for me, I get to listen to a truly eloquent person make speeches at last. I can’t describe how happy I am about that. The president is the face America shows the world, and I’m really proud that we’ve chosen to show them this one.

Now I’m going to go collapse on the lab couch for a few hours, because I am freaking tired. 🙂