4 November 2008

Vote or die!

Posted by Jessica Ball

This will be my one and only almost one and only election post, because after spending 20+ years living just outside of Washington DC, talking too much about politics makes me twitch. (It’s like the official recreational pursuit in the DC Metro area. We started, I swear, talking about this election about five seconds after the 2004 election was over. The official TV news graphics showed up a few days later).

Anyway, here’s the meat of the post: GET OUT THERE AND VOTE.

Naturally, I won’t tell you who to vote for – I have my own preferences and I suspect they’re the same as those of most people who read science-related blogs. But I do want you to vote. I see too much apathy nowadays, especially among students, and this is one election where apathy is NOT an option.

I’m not sure how much of the election coverage I’ll be able to stand watching tonight, unless it’s the Daily Show, because all the other news channels have made me want to throw a brick at the TV at some point. (Too bad Dan Rather won’t be around mixing metaphors until his head explodes – that was entertaining.) But I really, really hope I won’t be disappointed tomorrow morning.

GO VOTE! I did…

(Yeah, I’m always a little sad about not getting the sticker since I vote absentee a lot. I’ll just have to make do with this one.)

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