2 June 2008

Job Opportunity

Posted by Jessica Ball

Does anyone out there have students or friends who’ve finished their undergrad and are looking for a job? Since I’m getting ready to run away to graduate school, my organization will be looking to replace me by the end of the summer. In the interest of not receiving a lot more spam email than we already do (and since I try to blog pseudonymously), we’re not posting the info online just yet, but I can give a basic rundown here, and I’ll be happy to send more info by email if anyone’s interested.

“Outreach Assistant. This full-time entry-level position reports to the Manager of Outreach. Duties include writing and editing, preparing electronic documents and updating Web pages, and various clerical functions associated with development of materials for the organization’s national earth science public awareness campaign, as well as earth science curriculum products and professional development services.”

I end up working on more than this, most days, because the staff here love to have someone available with background knowledge of geology; I’m currently producing a geology-oriented poster series and helping with research for an environmental science textbook. The job is in the Northern Virginia area, which is affordable if you’re willing to share living space or have a spouse/S.O. who’s contributing a salary. (The commuting is icky, but there’s really no way to avoid it.) On the plus side, you’re close to DC, within a few hours of Richmond, Charlottesville and the Shenandoahs, Annapolis, and Baltimore.

The ideal candidate would be someone who can commit a year or more to the job, has at least an undergraduate degree in geology or environmental science, and either lives in the DC metro area or is willing and able to move here. An interest in earth science education is also a plus, but not required.

If any of you know of anybody qualified, let me know! They can contact me with the email listed on the blog, and we’ll go from there.