3 April 2008

In which Boston geology is ignored in favor of funny sign photos

Posted by Jessica Ball

And, of course, the Lamborghini. Mostly because I’m blogging from fabulous sunny Houghton MI, and I don’t want to spend the entire evening on the computer. Not to mention I’m a little teensy bit tired, having almost missed my connecting flight and sprinted the entire length of the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. So instead of geology, you get amusing signage. Enjoy.

I spent a lot of time up in the North End, the “Little Italy” area, where everyone has that wonderful Italian sense of humor.

I’m pretty sure I was in Boston.

Any Tolkein fans out there? This tavern on Union Street is for you.

They were probably right.

Everybody really does know your name there, especially if you’re wearing a conference badge.

This one’s not so much a sign as an ironic situation. Look familiar? No? Ever heard of the Boston Massacre? Well, that’s the memorial. Yep, under the truck. See that circular stone thing in the median? That’s the commemoration they agreed on for a major event in the course of the Revolutionary War.


This was another “sheesh” moment. Alexander Agassiz was a famous geologist, and this was the United States’ first national honor society, so naturally I had to take this photo. Unfortunately, in order to do that I had to stand in the doorway of…a Banana Republic. Yes, an historic building given over to not-so-high-fashion retail. Yuck.

And finally, the photo you’ve all been waiting for – proof that someone, somewhere in the world, said, “I have $300,000 dollars to burn. I know! I’ll buy a Lamborghini MurciĆ©lago and have it painted the color of Gak!”


Sometime in the next few days I’ll talk about geology. For the moment, though, I’ve taken care of the important part, which was the car.