17 March 2008

Just a reminder: Accretionary Wedge #7 is coming up!

Posted by Jessica Ball

The deadline for submitting posts for the next Accretionary Wedge is Sunday, March 23 (just in time to overdose on Easter chocolate and let loose the ranting)!

The subject is Geology/ists in the Movies. What do you love, loathe, laugh at and ridicule about Earth science and scientists as Hollywood envisions them? Here’s your chance to drag up the most obscure films you can find, or revive discussions of recent ones, and extol their virtues or castigate their failings as you wish. Ranting and raving encouraged!

Please have everything emailed, linked or commented on by 6PM Eastern Standard Time. I’ll post up on Monday so you can all indulge in some post-Lenten-season movie-whomping!