25 February 2008

Accretionary Wedge Call for Posts: Geology/ists in the Movies

Posted by Jessica Ball

Installment #6 of The Accretionary Wedge is up at Lounge of the Lab Lemming, and there are more submissions than ever, all of them definitely hmmm-provoking. I didn’t get a post in this time, but I did volunteer to host the next one, so here it is:

Geology/ists in the Movies

This should be pretty easy – there’s no end of movies out there (many made by the SciFi channel, for instance) that attempt, successfully or not, to depict geoscience and geoscientists. Which one is your favorite? Your least favorite? What do you hate or love about it? What does Hollywood do that drives you crazy? What’s the dumbest mistake you’ve seen them make?

I can guess the obvious culprits, but this is a chance for all you film buffs out there to show off your knowledge of cinema history and pull out some older offenders for our castigation pleasure. TV movies and series are also game, since the SciFi channel (at least) seems to be really determined to give us such prime material for ranting. (And to allow for a wide range of submissions, space movies are fair game as long as there’s some sort of rock science involved.)

I’m setting the final submission date as Easter Sunday (March 23rd); entries should be in by 6 PM Eastern Standard Time to be included. Post a link to your entry in the comments section, or email them to me using the address in my profile. I’ll post it all up on Monday the 24th, in honor of John Wesley Powell’s birthday. (He could even be considered the first geology action hero; after all, a crusty one-armed Civil War veteran rafting into uncharted lands on the Colorado is pretty adventurous.)

Let the ranting begin!