11 February 2008

Holy Smoking Breadfruit, Batman!

Posted by Jessica Ball

Judging from the sudden dropoff of comments, people are a little stumped on exactly what got dropped in a lava flow in Friday’s geopuzzle. So, here’s the answer: Breadfruit.


At least, that’s what the locals said. I was skeptical, since breadfruit is usually pretty smooth, and these appear to have some pretty prominent spiky parts, but there was a garden nearby that had some immature breadfruit growing in it, and it looked pretty much like the impressions. (My guess, to be honest, would have been something closer to this photo, but whatever that thing is seems to be growing on a palm tree, which breadfruit does not do.)

As I mentioned in the comments of the last post, there were also some imprints of tree trunks nearby:

This of course begs the question: If you drop breadfruit onto hot lava, do you get toast?