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26 April 2018

New study finds glacial evidence for abrupt climate change

Results from a new study indicate that the physical impact of abrupt climate change in Britain, Ireland and maritime Europe may be markedly different from previous perceptions of these events.


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16 December 2010

A Climate Carol: Scientists as the Spirits of Climates Past

Although people may not feel particularly overheated after this week’s Midwestern snowstorm, data from NASA show that the 12-month period from November 2009 to November 2010 was the warmest on record since 1880. Glaciers worldwide are retreating, and studies are beginning to forecast the likelihood of specific glaciers disappearing entirely. Just how hot is it going to get?

One way to predict the future is to first look back in time. During sessions yesterday, scientists played the role of the Spirit of Climates Past.


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