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29 August 2017

Unprecedented levels of nitrogen could pose danger to Earth’s environment

Humankind’s contribution to the amount of nitrogen available to plants on land is now five times higher than it was 60 years ago, mainly due to increases in the synthetic production of fertilizer and nitrogen-producing crops, according to a new study. This increase in nitrogen parallels the exponential growth of atmospheric carbon, the main culprit behind climate change, and could pose as much of a danger to Earth’s environment, according to the study’s authors.


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16 October 2013

Making Martian clouds on Earth

If you want to understand the atmosphere of a planet, it helps to think big. That’s just what scientists did recently when they created conditions in the world’s largest cloud chamber mimicking those in the thin veil of gases that surrounds Mars. Experiments by the researchers within the three-story shell of a former nuclear reactor confirmed earlier runs in tabletop setups that have shown how the most common clouds on Mars form.


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8 November 2011

Thames River contamination tied to World War II gardens

A World War II “Dig for Victory!” campaign, while the United Kingdom was effectively cut off from Canadian food supplies, played a key role in today’s nitrogen contamination of the Thames basin. That’s according to researchers who dug into century-old, leather-bound volumes of water quality measurements dating back to the mid-1800s.


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