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28 June 2013

Carbon-cutting steps like those Obama proposed could improve, and worsen, water woes

As President Obama announced sweeping policies Tuesday aimed at curbing carbon emissions and combating climate change, water resources experts at a Washington, D.C. meeting across town from where Obama spoke discussed the entwined nature of water conservation and energy production .”Saving greenhouse gas emissions saves water too,” said Robert Jackson of Duke University in Durham, N.C., as he and other panelists discussed retrofitting power plants that burn coal or other fossil fuels and turning to alternative energy sources.


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29 May 2012

Massive biofuel production could affect ozone layer

Already in doubt as an alternative to fossil fuels, biofuels might also contribute to destruction of the protective layer of ozone in the upper atmosphere, a new study says.


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27 April 2011

Pond scum a viable alternative to imported oil

Instability in many of the world’s largest oil producing nations has gas prices on the rise and policy makers again considering alternatives. But biofuels, which were once heralded as a way to wean the country off of imported foreign oil, also come with their own disadvantages. Recently, fuels made from algae have gotten increased attention, but they can require enormous supplies of water to produce and it’s remained a mystery …


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