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18 December 2015

A natural experiment: City in pristine Amazon shows pollution alters ecosystem

Human-made pollutants are changing cloud patterns over the Amazon, altering ecosystems in the process.

Sometimes, the best experiments come ready-made from nature. The Brazilian city of Manaus has a population of almost 2 million people and sits in the heart of an otherwise pristine stretch of Amazonian rainforest, near the place where the Negro and Solimões tributaries fuse to form the Amazon River. New research using the area as a testing ground shows that Manaus city pollutants meddle with the Amazon’s cloud cover, rain and ecosystem, according to scientists who presented the finding at the 2015 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.


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21 November 2012

Salt-spitting grass could rescue marsh from sea-level rise

Sweet Hall Marsh along the Pamunsky River in Virginia hasn’t been able to keep pace with rising seas, putting it in danger of being flooded. But the emergence of a grass that is a stranger to the marsh could turn out to be its savior.


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