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16 December 2010

Random Walks in Science

A Random Walk in Science is the title of  a famous collection of anecdotes and distilled wisdom much loved by a generation of aspiring boffins. My AGU Fall Meeting experience is best described as a random walk in geophysics.  It is, as I told AGU Outreach Chair Randy Richardson, always a challenging meeting. Added to the usual panic of a swimmer struggling desperately in a torrent of information (before succumbing …


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“Seeing” Fall Meeting with New Eyes

Yesterday, as I was leaving my hotel in Union Square I saw a man in the hotel lobby with a red-tipped cane. With some worries about intruding where help was not needed I asked him if there was anything I could do. He said that he wanted to get a cab. I offered my elbow and we left the hotel. I asked where he was going. When he replied, “Moscone,” I realized he was going to the AGU meeting. I said I was too, thinking we might share the cab. Instead we ended up walking, and I had the real pleasure of getting to know Peter Rayner, an atmospheric scientist from Melbourne, Australia.


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