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February 2, 2011

Geology Word of the Week: N is for Nabkha

Nabkhas in front of sand dunes in Namibia. Photo courtesy of Michael Welland and used with permission. def. Nabkha:1. A mound-like accumulation of wind-blown sediment, usually sand, collected within and behind, and stabilized by, vegetation (definition modified from Khalaf et al., 1995 and Keary, 1996). 2. One of several words of Arabic origin that is used to describe sand features. The Eskimos having an unusually large number of words for …


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January 6, 2011

Sand Structures at Nobska Beach

Nobska sands 1, Woods Hole, December 2010. Last week my fiance and I went for a long walk around Woods Hole, the village on Cape Cod where I live. On this walk, we stopped at Nobska Beach, a pretty little beach with a view of Martha’s Vineyard. There were footprints everywhere, so clearly others (two-legged humans and four-legged canines) had recently taken a winter beach stroll at Nobska. In the …


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