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January 25, 2016

Monday Geology Picture: Salt Lamp

Although I haven’t yet featured such a gift on my annual What to Buy a Geologist for Christmas list, some of my wonderful relatives recently bought me a rock lamp for Christmas. Specifically, they bought me a pink colored Himalayan salt lamp. The lamp consists of a large crystal of salt, or sodium chloride, that is mounted on a pretty wooden stand. The lamp provides a lovely, soft, pale pink light. …


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February 23, 2015

Monday Geology Picture: Pink Pan

Apologies for the recent gap in my blogging. I’ve been busy travelling for work, and our home internet connection was not working for a couple of weeks. We’ve also been suffering from regular power outages here in South Africa. Anyway, to make up for my recent quietness, I’m sharing a spectacular picture for this week’s “Monday Geology Picture” post. This picture was taken close to the border between South Africa …


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December 19, 2011

Monday Geology Picture: Salt Flat Reflections in Death Valley

Well, I still haven’t had time to write up a substantial blog post. I spent this past weekend writing my thesis, wrapping Christmas gifts (how can it possibly be Christmas next weekend?), writing Christmas cards (and wedding thank-you cards! Finally!), and spending some time with my husband, who arrived home unexpectedly yesterday. He’s been at sea on a sampling campaign, but there’s some trouble with the ship, so he’s home …


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