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September 25, 2014

Sutherland Sky: Part VI – Dwyka Diamictite

At long last, I’m finishing up my series of posts about my October 2013 visit to the small town of Sutherland in South Africa’s Northern Cape province. Sutherland is home to a South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) research station that contains many telescopes, including the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT). You can read Part I of this series here, Part II of this series here, Part III of this series here, Part IV of this series here, and Part V of this …


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June 5, 2011

Geology Word of the Week: A is for Accretionary Wedge

Illustration of a convergent plate boundary. I’ve added a red arrow pointing out thelocation of the accretionary wedge. Illustration from TASA graphics and taken from here.Click to view larger. def. Accretionary Wedge (aka Accretionary Prism, Subduction Complex):A wedge- or prism-shaped mass of sediments and rock fragments which has accumulated where a downgoing oceanic plate meets an overriding plate (either oceanic or continental) at a subduction zone. The sediment is generally …


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