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May 28, 2012

Georneys with Dana- Part V: The Garnet Road

I apologize for a bit of a hiatus in posting. There were some technical troubles with the AGU blogs, and then my husband and I were down in Florida for five days. Blogging may continue to be somewhat light for the next few weeks, but I’ll post when I’m able. First, I’ll finish up my “Georneys with Dana” series. Then, I’ll post a bit about the trip to Florida. Note: I …


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May 14, 2012

Monday Geology Picture: Lakeside Geologist Lair

All good evil geologists need a  family cabin super sekrit lair. Most geologists prefer volcano lairs, but since there aren’t any volcanoes in New Hampshire, I’m making do (for now) with a lakeside lair. Once I return to my South African lair in a month or so, my geologist husband and I are going to start saving up for our volcanic island lair. Currently, I’m peacefully enjoying working very hard on …


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May 12, 2012

Georneys with Dana- Part III: The Chesterfield Gorge

Note: I convinced my Geokittehs co-author Dana Hunter to fly from Seattle to New Hampshire to visit me for a few days. I handed in the final version of my PhD thesis last Friday afternoon, and Dana arrived last Saturday to help me celebrate. This is Part III of my description of the fun georneys we had together during Dana’s visit. After our visits to the dinosaur footprints and The Rock, Fossil, & …


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May 1, 2012

Monday Geology Picture: Chesterfield Gorge, New Hampshire

This week’s geology picture was taken in the Chesterfield Gorge, which is located just a few minutes from my parents’ house in southern New Hampshire. I would often explore and play at the gorge as a child. I used to like to throw things into the gorge and watch them go over the waterfalls. I once duct-taped a Princess Leia figurine into a plastic toy kayak and watched her go …


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