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November 8, 2012

LASI V: What is LASI All About?

Last week I had the great honor and pleasure to attend the LASI V workshop, which was held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa with a field trip to observe sills and dykes which were emplaced into the Karoo sedimentary basin. I was kindly invited to attend LASI V by organizers Henrik Svensen and Sverre Planke, who are both scientists at Physics of Geological Processes, a Center for Excellence in Norway. …


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November 5, 2012

Monday Geology Picture(s): Some Teaser Shots from LASI V

For this week’s “Monday Geology Picture” post I thought I would share a few teaser pictures from the field trip I attended last week as part of the LASI V workshop on the physical volcanology of laccoliths, sills, and dykes. For the field trip, we spent three days exploring and learning about subvolcanic systems that are exposed in South Africa’s Karoo region. We stayed just outside of the town of …


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October 28, 2012

LASI V: Beware the Vervet Monkeys

This afternoon I arrived at Pine Lodge, the venue for the LASI V workshop. The facilities are very nice here (I’m currently sitting next to the pool and hot tub and catching up on some blogging and other work), but you do need to be careful to close the doors and windows of your room when you leave because there are thieves around… monkey thieves! Specifically, adorable but mischievous┬ávervet monkeys. …


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October 27, 2012

Laccoliths, Sills, and Dykes, Oh My! The LASI V Workshop in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

My husband and I just returned from Durban as well as South Africa’s “South Coast” and “Wild Coast”, where we enjoyed a lovely week of holiday to celebrate our 1-year wedding anniversary. We had a great time despite the rainy weather, and I took plenty of pictures which I’ll be sharing here on Georneys in due time. We’re back home in Cape Town now, but tomorrow morning I fly out …


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