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March 17, 2012

Only a Rock Scientist

I defend my PhD thesis in just under a month. I’m super nervous, particularly about the questions I’ll receive after my defense. However, I’ve come up with the ideal way to respond to difficult questions. Scary Committee Member: Can you please draw all three uranium-series decay chains, with all of the decay constants, on the board and then comment on how they relate to life, the universe, and everything? Me: …


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April 10, 2011

Geology Pun Contest: The Winner

The prize: Gillian Turner’s book “North Pole South Pole.” As I mentioned yesterday, this blog is now returning to its usual geological theme. I also mentioned yesterday that in the near future I will blog about the Oklo Natural Nuclear Reactor, which is a topic that I hope will appeal to both those interested in geology and those interested in nuclear power. I want a few days to read some …


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