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April 26, 2013

South Africa Mining / Exploration Geology Field Trip: A Preview

First of all, I want to apologize to my readers that blogging here on Georneys has been somewhat light over the past several weeks. There are a couple of reasons why. The first reason is that my work as a geologist for a marine gold exploration company has been very busy. Work has been going very well, but as a new industry geologist I’ve been working hard to learn as …


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February 26, 2011

How Not to Lose Wireless GPS Receivers

In Fall of 2005 I participated in “The Stretch”, the trimester-long geology field camp run by Dartmouth College. In recent years, the field camp has taken place in the western continental US. Many years ago, the field camp also took place in Central America, Hawaii, and other locations. The year I went on The Stretch, we studied geology in Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Nevada, California, and Arizona. We drove thousands of …


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