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May 7, 2012

Georneys with Dana- Part I: Dinosaur Footprints Near Holyoke, MA

I convinced my Geokittehs co-author Dana Hunter to fly from Seattle to New Hampshire to visit me for a few days. I handed in the final version of my PhD thesis on Friday afternoon, and Dana arrived last night to help me celebrate. So far, we’ve been having a ball. You can expect several forthcoming posts about Dana’s visit, both here on Georneys and over at Dana’s blogs Rosetta Stones …


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November 24, 2010

Geology Word of the Week: D is for Dredge

A dredge, Indian Ocean, Summer 2007. def. dredge: 1. (verb, definition 1) Removing sediments or other material from one area and depositing them in another area, usually done in a lake or other body of water. For example, harbors and canals are often dredged to removed accumulated sediments so that the water remains deep enough for ships to pass safely. 2. (verb, definition 2) Searching for something lost or valuable …


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