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January 6, 2023

Geology Word of the Week: K is for Karst

Several years ago, I used to write a “Geology Word of the Week” post in which I selected a word used by geologists, wrote a definition of the word, and wrote up a post with some information and pictures related to the word. I went through the alphabet in order twice, writing about words starting with letters from A to Z, and then I started a third run through the …


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February 28, 2016

Elephant’s Eye Cave Hike in Pictures

On Monday I shared one picture from a recent hike to Elephant’s Eye cave in Silvermine Nature Reserve here in the Cape Town region of South Africa. Today I’m sharing some more pictures from that hike, which took place last weekend. I really enjoy hiking to Elephant’s Eye.The hike consists of a fairly easy 3 hour round trip route that takes you through some beautiful fynbos vegetation and past some lovely rock …


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February 22, 2016

Monday Geology Picture: Elephant’s Eye Cave

This week’s “Monday Geology Picture” post features a natural rock formation that resembles an elephant. A small cave named “Elephant’s Eye” is located at the eye of this rock elephant’s head. The elephant consists of Table Mountain Sandstone and is located in the Silvermine Nature Reserve here in the Cape Town region of South Africa. On Saturday I hiked up to Elephant’s Eye with some friends. We hiked on a rare …


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July 19, 2012

The Geology of Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode “Chain of Command, Part I”

Like my fellow geoblogger Jessica Ball, I wish that I could be a geologist on Star Trek. I can think of no better, more exciting job than traveling the universe as a geological researcher for the United Federation of Planets. Sign me up, Starfleet! Maybe one day in my life– or in my children’s or grandchildren’s lives– there will be opportunities for Earth geologists to travel to other planets and …


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November 18, 2011

Cango Caves in Pictures

I haven’t yet received a reply to my letter to Dr. Sheldon Cooper about why geology is a real and valuable science and why caves are interesting, but that’s okay. For those of you who agree that caves are interesting, I thought I’d share some pictures from my most recent spelunking trip. Back in September, my husband and I took a weekend trip to Outdshoorn, South Africa, where I rode …


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November 10, 2011

Do You Know What’s Interesting About Caves, Sheldon? Everything.

Dear Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Let me first say that I greatly admire the documentary “The Big Bang Theory” that follows the daily lives of you and some of your scientific colleagues* at Caltech. “The Big Bang Theory” provides refreshing, mentally stimulating programming in a time when television is, sadly, dominated by fluffy reality TV shows about weddings, cakes, and orange-colored inhabitants of the Jersey Shore who will probably develop melanoma …


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