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May 27, 2011

Cape Peninsula in Pictures

Flowers at Cape Point, South Africa. April 2011. I’m working late tonight running samples on the mass spectrometer. I’ve been in lab since 8:30am and really should go home, but I’ve decided it’s better to stay up all night and run samples. Okay, maybe not all night. But probably until 2am or 3am. Actually, I’m happy about this long lab day. I spent a good four hours tuning the machine …


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May 1, 2011

Interesting Sandstone Weathering at Cape Point

Gorgeous sandstone, Cape Point, South Africa, April 2011. Back in January Callan Bentley over at Mountain Beltway posted these pictures of some rocks with interesting weathering patterns. In response, I posted pictures of some more rocks with similar weathering patterns. A couple of days ago my fiance and I did a few hikes around Cape Point, South Africa. There is abundant sandstone all around the point– most of the sandstone …


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