About Georneys

Evelyn decided to name her blog “Georneys” (a combination of “Geology” and “Journeys”) because her study of geology takes her many places– physically, intellectually, and philosophically. In this blog Evelyn writes about her travels, past and present, to study geology, both formally and informally.

Currently, Evelyn aims to post twice a month… more if she has the time and something interesting to share. See this post Bloggy Changes for more information on Evelyn’s current blogging style and time constraints.


At various times in the past, there have been several geology-themed recurring features on Georneys:


1. Monday Geology Picture:

Most Mondays Evelyn features an interesting geology picture, usually accompanied by a little geology information. She often features pictures from friends or blog readers, so feel free to send her a geology picture.


2. Geology Word of the Week

Every week Evelyn will take you on a geology-themed etymological journey. That is, she will teach you a geology word and use this weekly word to teach a little geology. After all, much of being a scientist is sounding like a scientist. You have to know the lingo.


3. Mystery Rocks

Occasionally, Evelyn responds to “mystery rock” inquires that are sent to her by her blog readers. Evelyn tries to identify these unknown rocks, often enlisting the help of her geologist friends and of other geology bloggers.


4. …in Pictures

Although she has yet to invest in a fancy camera, Evelyn really enjoys taking pictures. Sometimes, she will simply share pictures from her travels with minimal text.


5. Holiday Rocks

On certain holidays Evelyn will post about a rock or some geology related to that holiday. For instance, one Thanksgiving Evelyn posted about Plymouth Rock.


6. Blast from the Past

Evelyn has actually had an interest in science and travel from an early age. When she comes across interesting tidbits from her past (pictures, childhood drawings, old school essays, etc.), she will sometimes share them with you here, for better or for worse.


7. Bad Geology

Evelyn mostly enjoys blogging about real science, but sometimes she will blog about geological pseudoscience nonsense, such as Young Earth Creationism, healing crystals, aliens creating desert glass, and so on.


8. Bad Geology Movies

Evelyn loves bad geology movies and has quite an extensive personal collection. She will occasionally post about bad-but-oh-so-good geology movies.


9. Plane Views

Evelyn really enjoys flying, especially the spectacular views– including much geology– that you can sometimes see from airplanes. She will often share pictures that she took from an airplane.


Note: For one month (mid-March to mid-April 2011) this was not a geology blog but rather a blog in which Evelyn regularly interviewed her father, a nuclear engineer, about the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan.