October 9, 2017

A Request: Best Science Books for Kids?

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Quantum Physics for Babies. Picture taken from Amazon.

My son is due any day now, and I’ve been thinking a fair amount recently about how to pass my appreciation of and passion for science along to him. I realize that it will be awhile before I can have proper scientific conversations with my son, but I plan to read him books from the time he’s a newborn until, I guess, he’s big enough to tell me to leave him alone because I’m annoying him.

Thus, I have a request from my readers: what are your favorite science books for kids? These can be books for various ages, from babies to toddlers to elementary students to teenagers. I’d be particularly interested to know what are good geology books for kids, including ones on dinosaurs and paleontology in general. I’m also interested in good books on women scientists, since I want to teach my son to support women in science from an early age.

Please recommend books by leaving a comment below or responding on Twitter or sending me an email (georneysblog at gmail dot com).

Once I have a good number of responses and some time (might be a few weeks since I’ll soon have a newborn!), I’ll compile a post with some book recommendations.