May 29, 2017

Monday Geology Picture: Kimberlite in Kimberley

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Mine cart filled with kimberlite rocks.

For this week’s “Monday Geology Picture”, here’s a snap of a mine cart filled with kimberlite rocks — and a mantle xenolith or two. I took this picture last year when I visited The Big Hole Museum in Kimberley, South Africa. The rock kimberlite was named after the town of Kimberley, of course! For those who are unfamiliar, kimberlite is the ore that is mined for diamonds, and many of the early diamond mines in South Africa were located in the vicinity of Kimberley. One of those old mines, which is called The Big Hole or Kimberley Mine, has been turned into a museum. The museum is well worth visiting if you find yourself in this part of South Africa.

Here’s a closer view of some of the rocks in the cart:

A closer view of some kimberlite rocks.