September 6, 2016

35th International Geological Congress: Day #4

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

The AGU Hot Topic Lounge at the 35th IGC.

The AGU Hot Topic Lounge at the 35th IGC.

Today I’m blogging about Day #4 (Thursday) of the 35th International Geological Congress (IGC), which I attended last week in my home city of Cape Town, South Africa. You can also read my posts about Day #1, Day #2, and Day #3.

On Thursday I only spent the morning at IGC since in the afternoon I had some private meetings offsite. I spent most of the morning attending some more talks on gold, a continuation of the gold session that I started attending on Wednesday afternoon. I really enjoyed listening to the various gold talks — gold mineralization can be so complex and can occur in so many different types of environments!

I also spent a little more time wandering through the exhibition hall, and I checked out the AGU Hot Topic Lounge that was set up in one of the convention center hallways. The lounge provided a place for geoscientists to meet and have scientific discussions. There was also a schedule of focused discussion on various topics. For example, there was a discussion on kimberlites and diamonds on Wednesday afternoon, and there were various discussions on scientific publishing throughout the week. The conference center was crowded without too many places to sit and chat, so the lounge provided a great, relaxing environment for scientific discussions of various kinds.

That’s all for today… stay tuned for my post on Day #5!