December 8, 2014

Monday Geology Picture: Sand Sign at Kolmanskop

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

An appropriate sign near Kolmanskop, Namibia.

A road sign near Kolmanskop, Namibia.

For this week’s “Monday Geology Picture” I’m sharing another picture from Kolmanskop, an abandoned diamond mining town in Namibia. Many of the buildings at Kolmanskop have been partially filled with sand. You can see more of my pictures from Kolmanskop here. When you drive along the paved road near Kolmanskop, you pass a roadside warning sign that says “Sand”. I suppose that the sign is warning drivers about sand covering the road or perhaps sandstorms creating poor visibility for driving, but when I saw the sign I thought that it was quite funny because it really states the obvious. Of course there is sand in the Namib Desert, especially at Kolmanskop!

Does anyone else have pictures of fun geologically themed roadsigns?