October 28, 2013

Monday Geology Picture: Blackstone Glacier, Prince William Sound, Alaska

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Beautiful Blackstone Glacier.

Majestic Blackstone Glacier. Picture courtesy of Jackie Gauntlett.

This week’s picture was taken by my husband Jackie in Prince William Sound, Alaska, back in early September. Jackie and I spent about two months working in Alaska earlier this year. After our work, I went to visit my family in New Hampshire for a few days while Jackie stayed behind with a colleague to pack up gear and such. Just before flying home to South Africa, Jackie and the colleague went on a glacier viewing cruise in Prince William Sound. They saw some impressive views of glaciers and highly recommend the cruise. I’m hoping to go on the cruise another year.┬áJackie tells me that the boat in the above picture above is bigger than it seems– Blackstone Glacier is quite a big glacier!