October 7, 2013

Monday Geology Picture: A Dassie on the Rocks

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

An adorable dassie in Hermanus, South Africa.

An adorable dassie in Hermanus, South Africa.

When looking at rocks here in South Africa, geologists (and other outdoor adventurers) often encounter animals that live amongst the rocks. One of the most common animals which they encounter is the dassie or rock hyrax, an adorable creature that lives in groups in rock crevices. I’ve featured dassies before here and here on my “Monday Geology Picture” posts. This week, I wanted to share a picture of a dassie that my husband Jackie recently saw amongst some rocks in Hermanus. He was down in Hermanus a couple of weeks ago to go whale watching and attend a flower show with his mother. While walking around the town, Jackie and my mother-in-law spotted some dassies scurrying amongst the rocks. Jackie took the above picture of one dassie that wandered fairly close. It’s a cute little dassie, isn’t it?

What sorts of critters do you encounter amongst the rocks?