July 7, 2013

Accretionary Wedge #57: Seeing Geology Everywhere– The Compilation

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Cat tectonics. Picture courtesy of Hollis.

The yin and yang of cat tectonics. Picture courtesy of Hollis.

Last month I hosted the Accretionary Wedge here at Georneys. The theme was “Seeing Geology Everywhere”, and I invited people to share stories about seeing the world through geology-tinted glasses, so to speak.

Several geobloggers participated in the wedge:

First up, Simon Wellings of the blog Metageologist wrote about how he pays attention to the accuracy (or, sometimes, the lack thereof) of the geology of children’s TV.

Next, Lockwood DeWitt of the blog Outside the Interzone compiled some links of the many, many times that he has written about “Seeing Geology Everywhere” and, furthermore, challenged his readers to find something that isn’t, directly or indirectly, related to geology.

Hollis of the blog In the Company of Plants and Rocks wrote a wonderful Geokittehs-inspired post titled Cat Tectonics.

Short Geologist of the blog Accidental Remediation shared how she often randomly stops along the side of the road when she spots some interesting geology. I think that many geologists do this. I, for one, am always keen to stop at an interesting roadcut!

Patrick Donohue of the blog Poikiloblastic wrote about how often he sees contour maps when looking at wood grain surfaces, such as the top of his desk.

Fj of the blog Effjot wrote a very impressive post about hydrogeology and coffee. I think you may need to have a cup of coffee before you can tackle understanding those coffee equations!

Silver Fox of the blog Looking for Detachment wrote about how she sees geology in patterns everywhere— from floor tiles to clouds.

Last but not least, David Bressan of the blog History of Geology writes about a geologist’s gravestone.

Thanks, everyone, for participating!