February 4, 2013

Monday Geology Picture(s): Rocks and a Turtle

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

A green sea turtle in a turquoise sea, Barbados, June 2009.

When I was back in Barbados for a student field trip back in 2009, I caught sight of a beautiful sea turtle one day. I didn’t have a very good camera back then, so I didn’t take a great picture of the turtle. The picture may not do the moment justice, but I still recall how magical it felt to observe a beautiful green sea turtle in a turquoise sea. Of course, being geologists we were at the beach to look at some rocks, which were pretty beautiful as well.

A closer view of the sea turtle, Barbados, June 2009.

The rocks beyond the turtle, Barbados, June 2009.

More rocks, Barbados, June 2009.