November 11, 2012

A Second Geologist’s Alphabet

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

I’m already at the letter B of my third geologist’s alphabet, so I thought I should compile a list of my second geologist’s alphabet. During the last year of my PhD, my weekly words were not so weekly. Thus, I blogged my second geologist’s alphabet over the last year and a half or so. My first geologist’s alphabet can be found here.

Here’s my second geologist’s alphabet:

A is for Accretionary Wedge
B is for Brunton
C is for Coquina
D is for Delta
E is for Eclogite
F is for Fumarole
G is for Glomeroporphyritic
H is for Halokinesis
I is for Inselberg
J is for Jimthompsonite
K is for Krakatau
L is for Lepidolite
N is for Nummulite
O is for Ooid
P is for Pleochroism
Q is for Quarry
R is for Rutile
S is for Syncline
T is for Time
U is for Ulexite
V is for Vitreous
W is for Widmanst├Ątten Pattern
X is for Xiphactinus
Y is for Yellowstone National Park
Z is for Zeolite