November 3, 2012

Two Year Blogaversary!

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Me, enjoying a georney to the Golden Valley, Karoo, South Africa. That's a dolerite sill in the background on top of the sedimentary rocks.

Yesterday– November 2nd– was my two-year blogaversary. It’s hard to believe that two years has already passed. In those two years I’ve finished my PhD in Marine Geology, married, moved to South Africa, and obtained my first job in industry working in the marine gold exploration field. I’ve posted two complete alphabets of “Geology Words of the Week”, dozens of “Monday Geology Pictures”, speculated about a few “Mystery Rocks”, shared numerous pictures from my travels, and blogged on many other topics, mostly about geology but also sometimes about cats.

I missed my blogaversary yesterday because I was in the Karoo on a wonderful field trip as part of the LASI V workshop, which I will be blogging about quite a bit over the next few weeks. So, there is no end in sight to my blogging here on Georneys!

Here’s to many more blogaversaries in the future!


Here’s my one-year blogaversary post.