September 30, 2012

Nome, Alaska in Pictures: Part III

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Homemade gold dredges in the Nome Harbor.

Today I thought I’d share a few more pictures from the two months that my husband Jackie and I recently spent working in Nome, Alaska. You can find more pictures of Nome in Part I and Part II. Enjoy!

A little dredge named the "Golden Wave"-- a converted pontoon boat.

Checking out the famous (from the TV show "Bering Sea Gold") dredge named "The Christine Rose."

Gas prices in Nome!

Food prices in Nome are rather high. A box of granola bars is $6.29 and a box of oatmeal is $7.19. Food is so expensive because nearly all the food is brought in by airplane or boat since no roads lead to Nome from bigger towns or cities.

Liquids are very expensive in Nome. A 12-pack of soda costs $15.99.

I really hope this isn't Nome's only vet... or that it's bigger on the inside.

Jackie trying on a polar bear fur hat at "The Russian Shop," as we call it.

The really neat painted wooden camel that I acquired from "The Russian Shop." I have a collection of camel figurines. Feel free to donate any interesting camels to my collection! 🙂

The Nugget Inn.

Breakers Bar and the Anchor Tavern.

Nome City Hall.

One of Nome's churches.

An abandoned building on main street. Looks as if there may have been a fire?

One of Nome's restaurants.