September 18, 2012

Accretionary Wedge #50: Field Camp / Trip Moments

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Some bewildered field camp students learning how to use Brunton compasses. Western USA, Fall 2005.

Ron Schott recently reminded me that I am hosting September’s Accretionary Wedge geoblog carnival. Sorry for the late posting, but quite honestly I forgot that I was hosting this month! Fortunately, I’ve thought of a fun topic, and the deadlines for the wedge are somewhat fluid. I’ll make entries due on October 10th.

Here’s the topic:

Share a fun moment from geology field camp or a geology field trip. You can share a story, a picture, a song, a slogan, a page from your field notebook– anything you like!

I think we all have many fun moments from geology field camp and trips. Feel free to share more than one, if you want! Here’s a few field camp and trip moments which I shared on Georneys in the past:
The Cow Game
Field Animal Favorites
Ternary Personalities
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Beware the Jungle Raccoon
Chondrite Town