August 11, 2012

Plane Views: Minneapolis to Anchorage

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

This is Part III of my series of “Plane View” pictures taken during my trip from Cape Town, South Africa to Nome, Alaska. Part I is here, and Part II is here.

By this third flight, my husband and I were starting to become fairly tired. However, we managed to take some excellent pictures out the window anyway, particularly as we approached Anchorage. Enjoy! Feel free to comment on any interesting geology you see!

To Anchorage #1. Somewhere in the Dakotas, we think.

To Anchorage #2. Golden stream.

To Anchorage #3. A meandering stream flanked by oxbow lakes, sparkling golden in the late afternoon light.

To Anchorage #4. Are those kettle holes dotting the landscape?

To Anchorage #5. Kettle holes?

To Anchorage #6. Interesting river features.

To Anchorage #7. Another view of the meandering stream.

To Anchorage #8. ALASKA at last!!! So beautiful!

To Anchorage #9.

To Anchorage #10. A mountain peeking through the clouds.

To Anchorage #11. Surreal scenery.

To Anchorage #12. Snow-covered mountaintops.

To Anchorage #13.

To Anchorage #14.

To Anchorage #15.

To Anchorage #16. Just gorgeous!

To Anchorage #17. A braided river in the valley.

To Anchorage #18. Another view of the valley with the braided river.

To Anchorage #19. More gorgeousness.

To Anchorage #20. Approaching the city.

To Anchorage #21. Almost ready to land!

I’ll try to post Part IV (the last part) sometime in the next several days, work schedule and internet connectivity permitting.