July 23, 2012

Monday Geology Picture: Homework in the Field

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Homework in the field! Don't you think this picture should be in a Dartmouth brochure or something?

When I was in college, I sure did plenty of homework. Mostly, I did my homework in my dorm room, the library, or in a cafe with a study group. However, when I went on Dartmouth College’s semester-long geology field program (called “The Stretch”) in the Western USA in Fall 2005, I found myself doing homework in cabins, hotel lobbies, tents, and– more often than not– outside on picnic tables, as shown in the above picture. I can genuinely say that I really enjoyed my experiences during The Stretch, including all the homework done on picnic tables. Sure, we complained a little on the nights we found ourselves working on homework by headlamp, but really the homework wasn’t too bad. I was fortunate enough to participate in The Stretch with an amazing group of students, teaching assistants, and professors. We had many a good time– and laugh– while working on our Stretch homework.¬†Does anyone else have pictures of “Homework in the Field”?