May 14, 2012

Monday Geology Picture: Lakeside Geologist Lair

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

The view from the lair.

All good evil geologists need a  family cabin super sekrit lair. Most geologists prefer volcano lairs, but since there aren’t any volcanoes in New Hampshire, I’m making do (for now) with a lakeside lair. Once I return to my South African lair in a month or so, my geologist husband and I are going to start saving up for our volcanic island lair. Currently, I’m peacefully enjoying working very hard on some Star Trek watching, kayaking, knitting, and sunbathing world domination plotting at my lakeside geologist lair… somewhere in New Hampshire. I can’t tell you exactly where because if I do then my lair won’t be super sekrit anymore. Last weekend, my friend future empire co-leader Dana Hunter visited, and we enjoyed some geological excursions field campaigns and also spent some time watching Dr. Who planning our Geokittehs empire at the lakeside geologist lair. The view from the lair is very pretty, isn’t it?

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