April 18, 2012

Origami Dinosaurs

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Waaayyy too excited about this.

This past weekend during some post-thesis retail therapy, I made a wonderful discovery in the local $1 store: origami dinosaurs! Since the box only cost $1 and my origami skills are lacking, I bought 5 boxes.

Tonight my friend Dan and I attempted our first origami dinosaurs. We started with T-Rex since the instructions looked simpler than the other dinosaurs.

So many origami dinosaurs.

How many PhD students (and recent PhD graduates) does it take to figure out the origami instructions?

After some struggling along, our T-Rex creations look *almost* like the one on the box:


I think these origami dinosaurs may need to make friends with Paleontologist Barbie.

Does anyone have any good dinosaur origami instructions? Has anyone else made origami dinosaurs?