April 9, 2012

Monday Geology Picture: Sailing Stones from Racetrack Playa

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

My friends Ray and Katie recently visited Racetrack Playa in Death Valley, and I’ve been drooling over the beautiful pictures of Racetrack Playa and its so-called “sailing stones” which they have been posting on Facebook. Ray and Katie have given me permission to share some of their Racetrack Playa pictures with you here on Georneys. Since I’m a little bit busy this week, I’ll just share one picture with you today. Hopefully, next week– if I’m not too exhausted and busy with thesis revisions– I’ll share some more pictures and even muse over some of the explanations for the mysterious “sailing stones.”

Two sailing stones on Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, California, April 2012. Photograph courtesy of my friends Ray and Katie.

Also note the spectacular mud cracks– perhaps we’ll muse a bit on those, too, in the future.