November 18, 2011

Accretionary Wedge #39: Geologist Barbie

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Paleontologist Barbie thinks fossils are fun!

Sorry for taking awhile to post this October Accretionary Wedge. My thesis has been keeping me fairly busy recently!

Back at the beginning of October, I issued this call for an Accretionary Wedge:

Dress Barbie as a geologist for Halloween! To participate in this month’s accretionary wedge, purchase a Barbie (I think they sell for about $10) or, better yet, acquire one from a friend, thrift shop, or garage sale. If you can’t manage to find a Barbie, any doll will do! Then, construct a geologist costume for Barbie. You can recycle bits and pieces of Barbie clothing or you can make new clothes using cloth, yarn, paper… anything really! If you want, you can also find or make some props for Barbie. For example, if you want to dress Barbie as a seismologist, make her a seismometer out of cardboard. Paleontologist Barbie already exists, but feel free to make another (perhaps more realistic?) Paleontologist Barbie if you want.

Several people rose to the challenge of dressing Barbie as a geologist. For my entry, I decked Barbie out in full laboratory safety gear as Geochemist Barbie:

Geochemist Barbie thinks chemistry is fun!

Over at Musings of the Midnight Fox, Reynardo presented the fantastically dressed and adventurous  Volcanologist Barbie:

Volcanologist Barbie thinks lava is fun!

Over at Uncovered Earth, Michael presented the well-prepared and socially conscious Coastal Geohazards Assessor Barbie:

Coastal Hazard Assessor Barbie thinks taking soil cores is fun!

Over at Ann’s Musings on Geology & Other Things, Ann dressed up Barbie as a gold digger:

Gold Digger Barbie thinks finding gold is fun!

Over at In the Company of Plants and Rocks, Hollis didn’t have a Barbie but instead presented Periglaciologist Fred:

Fred thinks that playing in periglacial sand is fun!

Finally, Dana over at En Tequila Es Verdad presented Geologist Barbie’s Dream House:

Geologist Barbie thinks rock gardens are just dreamy.

Can I move in there, Dana? Those rock gardens look fantastic!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Accretionary Wedge #39. Be sure to click on the links above to view more pictures of these geologist Barbies… and Fred.