October 31, 2011

West Coast Flowers in Pictures

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

A field of lavender flowers. That's the ocean in the distance!

About a month ago I posted some pictures from a Saturday picnic at Langebaan Lagoon, which is located in the West Coast National Park just north of Cape Town, South Africa. I promised to post a few more pictures of our visit to the park. Here they are… mostly, these are pictures of the beautiful September flowers. The flower season in the park is brief– a little over a month– but spectacular. Enjoy!

A field of flowers with a granite hill in the distance.

White and yellow flowers.

Field of flowers, houses, ocean. Not a bad place to live!

Human for scale. Oh, wait... does that only work for rock pictures?

Beautiful beach. There were whales hanging out in this little bay!

Cluster of orange flowers.

Okay, not a flower, but a close-up of the Cape Granite, which is found as small, rounded hills throughout the park. This is a geology blog, after all!

Moar granite!

A final view of the flowers.... pretty!