October 10, 2011

Geology Word of the Week: On Hold for a Few Weeks

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Gorgeous garnet mica schist. Photo courtesy of Dana Hunter.

So, I was hoping to post the Geology Word of the Week before flying back to South Africa in a few hours. However, I’ve been busy with work and also with a few last-minute wedding preparations (my wedding is in 12 days! Eek!). Now, the hour approaches 2am, and I need to finish packing… I hope the wedding favors and table placards survive the long trip. Worst case scenario, we’ll have some slightly-squashed wedding decor and a good story.

Anyway, this week we’re at the letter S in our geology alphabet, and I’ve selected the word schist! One of my favorite geology words! In fact, schist is such a fantastic word that I don’t want to write up a rushed post. So, I’m going to put the Geology Word of the Week on hold for a few weeks until after my wedding and the associated chaos of friends and family traveling to South Africa for the occasion. You can expect a return of the Geology Word of the Week in early November. In the meantime, I may sneak in a picture post or two.

By the way, I full expect many schist jokes and puns to be posted in the comments below.