July 7, 2011

Interesting Search Terms That Found My Blog #2

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

For the past little while, I have been keeping track of some interesting search terms that found my blog. These are just a sampling of ones that I happened across. I’ve put some “answers” below the search terms. Enjoy!

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how to read a ternary diagram (5/22/11)
Answer: A ternary personality diagram? 

geologists are cute (5/22/11)
Answer: Thanks. Yes, we are, aren’t we?

baby camel pics (5/22/11)
Answer: Oh, I love baby camels! Here are some pictures for you:

Jackie and his baby camel friend. Oman, January 2010.
Baby camel close-up. Oman, January 2010.
Momma and baby camel. Oman, January 2010.

geology dress code (5/25/11)
dress code geologist at oil companies (6/23/11)
dress code calgary geologist (6/23/11)
Answer: This seems to be a popular search term that finds my blog. The recommended geology dress code is:
General: geology-themed t-shirt and teva sandals worn with socks.
Field: hiking boots, hiking pants, field shirt, hat, brunton compass, hammer, Rite-in-the-Rain notebook, and hand lens.
Industry Interview: Suit borrowed from old college friend.

i love my source located deep in the mantle (5/26/11)
Answer: Ummm… okay then.

geology lolcats (5/27/11)
Answer: My little geololcats are adorable.

zayna hunter (5/28/11)
Answer: Go away! No hunting my adorable kitty Zayna.

Zayna with mini soccer ball.

geology word of the week (5/31/11)
Answer: No problem.

geology word of the day (6/3/11) 
geology word of the day (7/5/11)
Answer: Okay, now you’re a little too demanding… 

carbon cycle story time (5/31/11)
Answer: Yay! I love carbon cycle story time.

geology alphabet (5/31/11)
Answer: I have one of those. Working on a second one.

non fiction book about geology travels (6/1/11)
Answer: I would love to write such a book. I could title it “Georneys” after my blog. Any publishers out there?

black spotted rock (igneous) (6/2/11)
Answer: An amygdaloidal basalt, perhaps? 

x is for (6/3/11)
Answer: Xenolith!

write short note on the origin of the earth (6/4/11)
Answer: Okay, your note is below. More here.

The Origin of the Earth in a Nutshell:
Our solar system evolved from the solar nebula, which was composed of stardust from extinct stars and thus rich in heavier elements relative to cosmic abundances. Likely triggered by a shockwave from a nearby exploding supernova, the solar nebula collapsed gravitationally to evolve into the solar system. The solar nebula heated up, began spinning faster, and formed into a disk. Eventually, a proto-sun formed at the dense, hot center of the young solar system. At the same time, gases and dust began to condense in the outer, cooler parts of the solar system. Heavier, more refractory elements condensed closer to the sun, forming the terrestrial planets, while hydrocarbons condensed further from the sun, forming large bodies which were able to capture gases from the solar nebula and develop into gas giant planets. At the furthest reaches of the solar system, icy planets formed from methane, water, and ammonia ice. The Earth is believed to have accreted from chondritic planetesimals about 4.567 billion years ago. Chondrite meteorites come from old, undifferentiated asteroids that have undergone very little alteration or metamorphism. Carbonaceous chondrites are rich in organic material and are the least altered and metamorphosed of the chondrites. Thus, carbonaceous chondrites are often used as the starting material for Earth in geophysical and geochemical models. Earth was mostly accreted by ~10 million years after the formation of the solar system, and there was probably significant accretion of the Earth up to ~100 million years. Towards the end of Earth’s accretion, impacts between large planetesimals may have played a key role Earth’s growth and development. In particular, an impact from a large, Mars-sized impactor ~30 million years after the formation of the solar system may have created the moon and a deep magma ocean on Earth. The formation of the core probably occurred gradually as Earth accreted. However, the final stage of core formation may have been aided by the descent of iron and sulfur rich melts through a molten, silicate magma ocean. Eventually, the magma ocean crystallized, and the upper Earth differentiated into an enriched, continental crust and a depleted mantle, the source for oceanic crust. Potentially, an early proto-crust may have existed early in Earth’s history. 

geological periods memorization (6/6/11)
Answer: I strongly recommend that you don’t try to memorize the geologic Ages. 

peridot is bad luck (6/6/11)
Answer: Goodness! I hope not. My engagement ring is a peridot.

uplifted oceanic snake rock (6/6/11)
Answer: Ophiolite!

in what ways are ocean basins similar to bathtub (6/7/11)
Answer: Here’s a good post on eustasy in which I talk about ocean bathtubs.

rock cycle poem (6/8/11) 
Answer: Well, I wrote one in 4th grade…

4th grade view of the rock cycle (6/9/11)
Answer: In poem form!

my doctoral adviser left (6/9/11)
Answer: I’m sorry. That’s no fun, I know. Keep your chin up!

cool gifts for geologists (6/9/11)
Answer: Suggestions here and here.

nuclear engineer puns (6/13/11)
Answer: Don’t have any of those. Will geology puns do? 

technology anachronisms list (6/11/11)
Answer: Here are a few examples.

cimarec hot plate error code e12 (6/12/11)
Answer: I hate cimarec hotplates. They are bad hotplates. Also, I’m sorry, but I have no idea what the error codes mean, despite reading the manual many times.

obsidian dome california can you take a piece (6/14/11)
Answer: Not sure. Anyone know?  

are u a phd candidate after qualifying exams (6/15/11)
Answer: No, u are not. But you might be. 

phd qualifying geology exam blog (6/16/11)
Answer: Is that what my blog is known for? Uh-oh… hope you like Bee-Bop.

asian art birds with long tails and pics (6/16/11)
Answer: Huh. Can’t help you there. But I do have some pictures of cool South African birds with long tails here and here. 

why my dad is special (6/17/11)
Answer: Well, one reason my dad is special is he is really good at explaining about nuclear power.  

if hot plate smells funny when it is new (6/17/11)
Answer: Then it might be a bad cimarec hotplate.

define the term rock (6/17/11)
Answer: Difficult, but can do!

jurassic park poop pile realistic (6/18/11)
Answer: No, dinosaur poop probably wasn’t that gigantic.

Search terms within 20 minutes of posting C is for Coquina:
meaning of word coquina (6/18/11)
coquina on the coast of africa (6/18/11)

anyone want a meteorite (6/18/11)
Answer: Yes, please! Do you need my address?

how to use a hotplate in chemistry? (6/18/11)
Answer: Um…. you use it to heat stuff.

random (6/19/11)
Answer: How about a million random digits?

grad student lab dirty dishes (6/19/11)
Answer: Yes, we graduate students are not always good at remembering to wash our dishes in timely fashion.

” i ” (6/20/11)
Answer: Ichnite!

geological term for rocks (6/20/11)
Answer: Errr… rocks? 

explain: a scientist must be willing to work hard (6/20/11)
Answer: Yes, scientific perspiration is often needed.

girl and boy run away to smithsonian book (6/20/11)
Answer: That would be The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Personally, I’m running away to the Smithsonian.

random funny stuff (6/21/11)
Answer: Like a book of random digits?

chances of meteorite hitting me on my head (6/21/11)
Answer: Pretty much zero. 

rocks with spots like a reverse dalmatian (6/22/11)
Answer: Amygdaloidal basalt!

how hard are mit phd qualifiers (6/23/11)
Answer: Honestly, they are quite difficult and stressful. I’m glad I never have to survive my qualifiers again! 

is jurassic park scary for little 6 year old (6/23/11)
Answer: Yes, probably. But might inspire the little kid to become a paleontologist.

geologist writers (6/23/11)
Answer: Me?

rocks for jocks (6/25/11)
Answer: Is a great class.

geology is best or bed (6/25/11)
Answer: Geology. Unless I’m tired. Then bed might be better.

one word begins letter r describe employer (6/29/11)
Answer: Rock?

happy birthday evelyn (7/1/11)
Answer: Thanks, but you’re a little early. My birthday isn’t until January!

dinosaurs on mars world news weekly (7/2/11)
Answer:  I’d love to see that cover. I’ve only seen the cats on Mars one! 

what is brittle earth layer defined by physical properties (7/5/11)
Answer: The lithosphere.

simplest words most difficult to define (7/6/11)
Answer: It’s true. Words like rock. 

how to wash dishes (7/6/11)
Answer: With acid!

i got a conditional pass on phd qualifying exam (7/6/11)
Answer: Don’t stress. Hug Bee-Bop.

conversation with my doctor (7/7/11)
Answer: I hope your conversation didn’t go like this. 

describe geologists (7/7/11)
Answer: Well, we like rocks. And we’re also cute, apparently.