July 6, 2011

A Quick Note: Nuclear Dad Book is Coming!

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Really, I swear. The book of interviews with my dad, a nuclear engineer, about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster is coming. I know that I promised the book back in April… and then again in June, but this time it’s coming for real. I’m trying to make the formatting pretty and everything.

My plan is to release the book around– or perhaps shortly after– the four-month mark of the Fukushima disaster, which is coming up on July 11th. I am currently trying to coax my father into conducting a four-month follow-up interview on the current state of the Fukushima nuclear power plants. My father is very busy, but I think my coaxing is slowly working. If I manage to convince him, I will delay the book a day or two so that I can incorporate this four-month update interview.

If you’d like to hear my dad give a four-month Fukushima update, post a comment below!

And sorry for such a long delay with the book. I’m a busy grad student, and compiling these interviews has been a somewhat depressing task that I have not always been motivated to work on for hours upon hours.

Over the next few days, I am going to modify the original interview posts. I’m going to clean them up and replace the transcripts with polished, more uniform, and corrected (for transcript errors) versions. I’ll start this process tonight. Watch my twitter feed (@GeoEvelyn) if you’re curious as I’ll announce each cleaned-up interview version as I post it. Also, if you happen to be reading the new versions of the transcripts and spot any typos or other errors, I would appreciate you letting me know before the book goes to press. Thanks!