July 5, 2011

A Swiss Fold

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Last week I blogged about the “Chondrite Town” of Chur in Switzerland. As I was going through my pictures from Switzerland to find the Chur picture, I came across some photographs of a spectacular Swiss fold. Of course, I was reminded of my fellow geoblogger Callan Bentley and his Friday Fold posts! If you like folds, Callan provides them a-plenty on Fridays.

Gorgeous Swiss Fold. Switzerland, June 2010.

Fold, with person in the foreground for scale. Switzerland, June 2010.

This beauty of a fold is located just behind the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland. This dam is also sometimes called the “Golden Eye” dam because in the opening scene of the movie James Bond bungee jumps off the very tall dam.

The dam is almost as impressive as the fold:

Verzasca Dam 1. Switzerland, June 2010.

Verzasca Dam 2. Switzerland, June 2010.

Verzasca Dam 3. Switzerland, June 2010.

If you want, you can even pretend to be James Bond and bungee jump off the dam yourself:

Bungee jumping at Verzasca Dam. Switzerland, June 2010.