June 11, 2011

Semifinalists Announced in the 3 Quarks Daily Science Blogging Contest

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

The semifinalists were just announced in this year’s 3 Quarks Daily Science Blogging Contest. These semifinalists are the twenty blog posts (out of 87) that had the most votes in a public voting contest. There are some great posts in there, including one by Anne Jefferson of Highly Allochthonous, one by Brian Switek of Laelaps, and two by my friend (and former Middle School classmate) Christie Wilcox of Observations of a Nerd. Congratulations, everyone!

I am also happy to announce that my post Geology Word of the Week: O is for Ophiolite is one of the semifinal posts. Amazingly, my post received the second-most votes! I am relatively new to the science blogging scene, so I’m humbled and very grateful that so many people voted for me. Most of all, I’m thrilled that– hopefully– many more people are now learning the word “ophiolite,” which is one of my favorite geology words.

There are two more rounds of judging before the winners are announced. First, the editors of 3 Quarks Daily are going to select six posts from the top twenty semi-finalists. The editors may also add up to three “wild card” posts of their own choosing. Then, the top three final winners will be chosen by Lisa Randall.

Whether or not Georneys advances into the final rounds, I’m thrilled to be a semifinalist in the 3 Quarks Daily contest. Thanks again to everyone who voted!