May 23, 2011

A Geologist’s Alphabet

Posted by Evelyn Mervine

Every week (except for the month when I interviewed my dad about Fukushima) since I started this blog back in November 2010 I’ve posted a “Geology Word of the Week.” For some reason I decided it would be fun to cycle through the alphabet from A to Z, and I’ve now accomplished that, writing about words from Alluvium to Zanclean.

Perhaps the alphabet theme is cliche, but I’m having fun with it. So, I think I’ll cycle through the alphabet at least one more time. You can expect another A word (Allochthonous? Alvin? Albite? You’ll have to stay tuned!) next week.

Here’s my first geologist’s alphabet:

A is for Alluvium
B is for (Volcanic) Bomb
C is for Coprolite
D is for Dredge
E is for Eustasy
F is for Fabric
G is for Gondwana
H is for Hotspot
I is for Ichnite
J is for Jurassic
K is for Komatiite
L is for Lithosphere
M is for Magma
N is for Nabkha
O is for Ophiolite
P is for Peridot
Q is for Quaternary
R is for Rock
S is for Speleothem
T is for Travertine
U is for Uraninite
V is for Vesicle (and Vug)
W is for Wadi
X is for Xenolith
Y is for Yardang
Z is for Zanclean